NeurULisboa is a 4 year Programme (240 ECTS) primarily focused on a supervised research project (204 ECTS) leading to the production of original data in neuroscience. This primary research project will be complemented by flexible modular postgraduate course (36 ECTS).

Curricular choices will be based on a menu of existing post-graduate Curricular Units (UCs) in the participating institutions which are listed in the NeurULisboa e-platform. Among the range of available UCs, some core topics, such as ethics, lab animal handling, lab safety, statistics, scientific communication/writing and principles of clinical research, are mandatory for all students.

Regular meetings organized by the students will take place once every 2 weeks to promote interaction among students and develop their management capacities. They will have a flexible format: journal club, research data presentation, industry perspectives, prototype development, patent registration, invited lectures. Students will select and invite 2 foreign and 2 external national speakers per year. To foster discussion, these meetings will also be attended by teaching staff.

Students will also be encouraged to perform Lab Rotations (1.5 ECTs/week) in order to get a deeper insight of the running research projects but also to promote interdisciplinarity.

Universidade de Lisboa
Faculdade de Medicina Faculdade de Ciências Faculdade de Farmácia Instituto Superior Técnico Faculdade de Psicologia