NeurULisboa students will be registered in the University of Lisbon ( Host institutions are Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa (FML), which together with Hospital de Santa Maria (HSM) and Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM) represent the formative, clinical and research pillars of CAML (Centro Académico de Medicina de Lisboa), Faculdade de Farmácia (FFUL), Faculdade de Ciências (FCUL), Faculdade de Psicologia (FPUL) and Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). The Faculty of Medicine coordinates the Programme.

The close proximity between basic and clinical research at IMM, FML and HSM offers an outstanding opportunity to foster translational integrative PhD projects in Neuroscience, combining molecular and synapse physiology, clinical neurophysiology, cognition and clinical trial methodology, towards the understanding of nervous system function under normal and diseased states. The groups at FFUL have strong expertise in addressing the molecular and cellular basis behind neurodegeneration, and neuroinflammation, using advanced cellular models, e.g. 3D cultures. They are also actively engaged in target/drug discovery and delivery, including nanotechnology-based solutions. Regarding cognition, the groups at FPUL are devoted to research on memory and language processing, complementing interests of several groups at FMUL. FCUL investigators have been deeply involved in electrical and magnetic brain stimulation, and medical image processing, which complements the interest of clinically driven groups at FMUL. IST provides an expert background in signal analysis, electrotechnical devices, data mining and computational biology, that is crucial for research development within the remaining groups.

Universidade de Lisboa
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